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Culture. Culture. Culture.

It’s the biggest buzz word I’ve seen in my years as a football coach. Everyone is talking about it and rightfully so.

Your program will never sustain lasting success if you don’t systematically install your culture.

But when it comes to building culture I’ve noticed a trend that isn’t healthy.

Far too many coaches are building cultures designed to merely modify behaviors. The whole goal of their culture is to use punishments and rewards to motivate players to choose certain behaviors. This carrot and stick methodology works really well for a time, but it is not the way to long term success.

Long term success is built through transforming hearts. Truly great Culture Coordinators build in their players a love for the game and a love for the team. When players love the game and love the team they freely choose to do what is best for the team. They don’t need rewards and punishments. They need taught why. When a player loves the game and loves the team he will do anything the coach tells him to do if the coach can simply explain why he should do it.

Take the time and have the patience to build a culture founded on love.

Go beyond transactional coaching and strive to create a transformational experience.

The Culture Coordinator has a 5 step system for building a culture founded on love. Learn more here.

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