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Conference Champions. Undefeated Season. State Championships.

Big goals are the fun part of the offseason. Young people love to chase them. Old athletes who have become coaches love to as well. The problem is that big goals are only half the goals you need to set. Big achievement goals like winning a state championship or going undefeated are lag measures. This means you will only know if you’re on the right path toward your goal after the season is over. The data lags behind.

In the offseason your team needs lead measures or what I call behavior goals. These goals are indicators of whether or not your team is on the right track for accomplishing your big achievement goals. For example, this year we are challenging our players to get 100 workouts between December 1 and August 1. Why? Because if we have a team full of guys who get 100 workouts in during that time frame we will be physically ready to achieve our big goals. 100 workouts is a lead measure because it gives us data on how we are doing as we progress toward the season.

What are some other lead measures we can all use this offseason? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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