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Coaches, we’ve become hypocrites. We preach loyalty and trust and then we abandon ship the minute a better job becomes available.

A couple weeks ago my thoughts on Jalen Hurts went viral on Twitter. I praised Hurts for staying committed to his coaches and teammates through the disappointment of being benched.

It made a lot of people mad. Really mad. One person responded with emojis of a cow, a pile of poop, and the middle finger.


Because coaches aren’t practicing what they preach.

Earlier this week a video of a phone call between Kansas State Director of Athletics Gene Taylor and long time North Dakota State head football coach Chris Klieman was posted all over social media. In the video Klieman tells Taylor he’s at practice and Taylor offers him the job as the new head football coach at Kansas State. At practice!

Now a video of Klieman dressed in Kansas State purple and speaking to Kansas State football players is making the rounds on Twitter.

Did I mention North Dakota State plays perennial rival South Dakota State in the national semifinals this Friday?

I don’t know Klieman personally and I’m not here to bash him or judge or his character, but consider this: How likely are those Kansas State players to stay loyal to Coach Klieman going forward? And if coaches NDSU this Friday how well will the NDSU players to respond to his leadership?

Coaches, I’m not saying you shouldn’t take advantage of a great opportunity like Klieman has, but I am saying that the way you make the transition will have a tremendous impact on your culture.

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