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Step #1: Hire a Culture Coordinator

For most of you, hiring a Culture Coordinator probably means simply telling your staff that you, as the head coach, are the Culture Coordinator. I know of a few staffs who have officially hired a Culture Coordinator who is not the head coach, but most of you reading this don’t have the resources to pay someone to for that position.

As the Culture Coordinator it’s your job to make sure that your culture is systematically installed just like the Xs and Os. Steps 2-4 are the first things you must do in order to ensure that your culture is being installed correctly.

Step #2: Determine what type of culture you want to have

Can I be really honest with you? If you read The Four Types of Cultures and decide you don’t want an Audience Independent Culture than the rest of this post and the Culture Coordinator website aren’t for you. We owe it to our players and our communities to build cultures that grow people not merely players.

Audience Independent Cultures are all about mentoring and discipleship. They are focused on giving players the skills they need to be excellent at the sport while making sure the players are on a path towards being linchpins in the future communities.

The reason you need to read The Four Types of Cultures is that it helps you identify the ways in which you can fall into the trappings of the other three types of cultures. It’s short and easy to consume…mostly bullet points. Read it!

Step #3: Define Success

Telling you that you need to define success might seem ridiculous. Some of you can remember the famous Herm Edwards press conference in which he stated the obvious: YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAMES!

A generation ago, that was obvious. These days, however, each of your players is bringing their own unique definition of success to the table. Awhile back I wrote a couple of blog posts that really highlight what I am talking about. I would encourage you to read both.

Why Some People Think Jalen Hurts is Foolish

Coaches, we’ve become hypocrites

Step #4: Build a discipline system that leads to transformation

Transformational cultures don’t happen by accident. They are intentionally designed, installed, and built. That’s why the Culture Coordinator exists: to equip coaches to design a culture that builds unity, develops people, and wins games.

One of the cornerstone products of a Culture Coordinator membership is the Team Discipline System. The system outlines the process you, as the Culture Coordinator, must lead your team through year after year in order to continually reinforce and grow your transformational culture.

The team discipline system is one of several members only products available to coaches for $60 per year ($5 per month…roughly the price of a cup of coffee). Are you ready to join the movement of Culture Coordinators across the country?

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