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Several years ago I heard a coach say, “At some point in the season every coach has to turn the team over to the players.”

The truth of that statement hit me like a ton of bricks. I immediately pictured the time and place over each of the previous few seasons when we as coaches had to turn the team over to the players.

The results were not always good.

I realized that #1 reason we had fallen short of our potential over the previous seasons was that we had not trained up the players to be effective leaders and, therefore, when it came time to hand the team over to the players, a void of leadership resulted in failure.

Case in point: I can think of multiple seasons in which our team was in big games in which the crowd was loud and they were forced to depend on one another out on the field for communication and leadership. Some of our teams seized that moment and played well while other teams lacked leadership and failed to live up to their potential.

Leadership: Accepting responsibility for outcomes you can’t control.

As the Culture Coordinator, when it comes time to hand the team over to the players I must own the outcome of player leadership even though I can’t control it because that’s what leaders do: accept responsibility for outcomes they can’t control. Now, just because you can’t control the outcome doesn’t mean you can’t highly influence the outcome and that’s why if you fail to train leaders you fail to lead.

Your must identify your leaders, train your leaders, and turn the team over to them. The sooner, the better.

If you fail to train leaders you fail to lead

For me, as the Head Coach and Culture Coordinator for the Lincoln Christian Football Program, a huge priority this year is developing leaders. To be clear, I’m not talking about spraying leadership principles randomly over the team in pre or post practice talks. I’m talking about identifying our leaders and working specifically with that group of leaders in order to prepare them to lead when it comes time to hand the team over to them.

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