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A couple days ago I sent out The 3 Ingredient Recipe for Great Leadership. That post got me thinking about another 3 ingredient recipe that has been very helpful to me as a leader.

The 3 Ingredient Recipe for Creating Buy-In

  1. SELL the why
  2. TEACH the what
  3. HANDOFF the how

Good leaders clearly explain why they are asking their team to use a specific scheme, technique, or strategy. They outline the strengths and potential pitfalls and cast a vision for how the scheme, technique, or strategy will positively impact the team going forward. In other words: Good leaders SELL the why.

Good leaders outline the game plan for executing the why. They create a step-by-step process for achieving the why and show everyone how to do their part. Good leaders TEACH the what.

Good leaders let the team set the standards and expectations for carrying out the what. They let the team determine what great effort looks like, what it means to have a great attitude, and how to execute the required details for carrying out the what. They HANDOFF the how.

Great leaders are constantly using all three of these ingredients to create buy-in. To increase motivation and effort great leaders resell the why, reteach the what, and remind the team that they created the how.

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