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One of the best books I’ve read on building culture is Daniel Coyle’s Culture Code. I liked it so much I created a study guide to help you maximize it’s impact on your program. According to Culture Code the #1 thing every Culture Coordinator must do is build trust. Coyle’s book is separated into three parts and the first two parts, Build Safety and Share Vulnerability, are all about building trust.

Coyle’s insights are a big part of why step #1 in the Culture Coordinator System for installing your culture is Build Trust. One of the keys to building trust is creating a culture in which difficult conversations happen routinely and without destroying relationships. Enter another best selling book: Crucial Conversations. It’s another must read for every Culture Coordinator and another book I created a study guide for.

Honestly, if you took the time to read and implement everything from these two books you’d be one of the best Culture Coordinators in your sport.

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