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Your team can find joy in the challenges of pursuing their best if they want what those challenges produce bad enough. The team members that want the outcome bad enough will choose discipline and push through pain and adversity.

Lord willing, we will have a 2020 football season and I am very excited for my team because they want to win! We will be starting a handful of young men who started as sophomores and juniors and who have endured a lot of losing over the past two years. All I have to do is explain why this or that will help them win and they are committed to doing it.

That brings me to my main point: If knowing why this or that will help your team win doesn’t motivate your team you have one of two problems:

  1. They don’t believe you. They understand why you think it will work, but they aren’t bought in.
  2. They don’t want what your program is providing them. They are looking for a different outcome.

For example, if you ask a player to change positions and you clearly explain why it will help the team win and he agrees that it will help, but doesn’t want to change position he doesn’t want what you trying to provide. In this particular example he may want to play the position his dad played or get a college scholarship at the position your moving him out of.

Bottom line: Teams that are bought in just need to know why it will work and they will endure whatever it takes.

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