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I am not one to use the apparent failures of others as fodder for my blog posts. It’s just not my style. But recent events surrounding the firing of Urban Meyer as the Head Coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars have highlighted an essential aspect of leadership that I have been focusing on recently.

No bad interactions.

As Culture Coordinators, we should strive to never have a “bad interaction” with anyone, ever.

I understand that at first glance, that sounds impossible. We all know that one of the realities of leadership is that you will frustrate and upset people. Notice, however, that I did not say “No one gets upset with you” or “No one is frustrated with you.” I said, “No bad interactions.”

Think of it this way: Good leaders hold everyone accountable. Great leaders hold everyone accountable, and everyone respects them for it.

Back to Urban Meyer. It seems to me that Meyer started to be ok with bad interactions somewhere along the line, which ultimately led to his demise as the Head Coach of the Jaguars. That’s probably an unfair oversimplification of the situation, and yet it’s probably a key component of what went wrong for Coach Meyer as well.

Great leaders set high standards, hold everyone accountable to those standards, and they do it in such a way that even when the people they are leading disagree with them or get frustrated, they harbor zero resentment for the leader and, in the end, deeply respect the leader.

Great leaders are determined never to have a bad interaction.

It’s that simple, but it’s not easy.