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For $60 a year (just $5 per month), members of the Culture Coordinator have access to… 

  • Monthly coaching sessions via Zoom
    • These sessions include training and Q&A to ensure you grow as a Culture Coordinator and get your most pressing problems solved.
    • Each session is recorded so you can participate live or view it at your earliest convenience. The notes from each session are also available to members.
  • The “What Type of Culture Are We?” assessment is designed to help you discover what type of culture you currently have.
  • The Culture Coordinator Team Discipline System outlines when and how to use each of the four types of discipline throughout the year.
  • The Culture Coordinator Leadership Training System equips you to train leaders in your program.
  • The Culture Coordinator Post-Season Evaluation System provides the tools you need to assess your leadership every year.
  • Ongoing training on how to maximize each of these resources.

“Thank you for your help in taking our program to the next level!”

Mike Connor, Head Football Coach Chattanooga Christian High School

Click here to contact the Culture Coordinator about group rates for multiple members. Make sure every coach in your school/organization is a member.

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