Leadership Training System

A coach's guide to training leaders

At some point in every season the coach must hand the leadership of the team over to the players. The Culture Coordinator Leadership Training System is your guide to making sure you have prepared your players to lead the team when the time comes.

Designed to be delivered in person or remotely, the Leadership Training System walks coaches through a step-by-step series of training sessions.

7 Sessions for training your leaders

  1. Program Identity

    Identify the two to three words that will describe this year’s team.

  2. Maxwell’s Five Levels of Leadership

    Give every athlete on your team the opportunity to discover what level of influence they want to have in the coming season.

  3. Introduction to Leadership Stew

    Learn the powerful metaphor that will be used to help your athletes wrap their minds around the character traits of great leaders.

  4. Stock Ingredients

    Teach your athletes about the most important ingredients in their Leadership Stew.
    A desire to serve the team, not in the team.
    The character that leadership demands
    A growth mindset

  5. Essential Ingredients

    Teach your athletes about the ingredients that are essential for all leaders.
    Extreme Ownership
    Normalize Accountability and Conflict Resolution
    Have a strong desire to teach others to be leaders

  6. How to Cook Your Leadership Stew

    Teach your athletes the importance of continual self-improvement and embracing the pressure that comes with leadership.

  7. Review and Apply to be a Leader

    Review the first six sessions and give each athlete an opportunity to choose to apply for a formal leadership position on their team.

The Culture Coordinator Leadership Training System is available for $20 to all non-members and is FREE to all members of the Culture Coordinator

Or you can use the contact form below to request a $20 invoice for the Leadership Training System.


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