Team Discipline System

A Road Map

You need a system for installing your team discipline policies and procedures that teach and train your players what it looks like to think and behave in alignment with your program’s culture.

Culture drives the behaviors called for by your strategy.

Brian Kight

The policies and practices you of your team discipline system should be designed to drive the behaviors called for by your strategy.

This 29 page PDF will teach you:

  • The two things every consequence should teach your athletes.
  • Three things you should never use as consequence.
  • The four types of discipline included in a healthy team discipline system.
  • Why you need to change your paradigm on what discipline is and how to discipline in order to build your culture.
  • How to properly define the rewards of being in your program and how those rewards coincide with consequences.
  • Why you need to host a Spring Kickoff event where you set the stage for your culture and your team discipline policies and procedures.

The Culture Coordinator Team Discipline System provides step-by-step instructions on how to launch your discipline policies and procedures. The Team Discipline System is free for members and available for $15 to non-members.

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